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Pre-employment screening companies generally charge in excess of £100 per candidate for a basic 5 year screening package and up to £250 or more for a more comprehensive service.

IScreenYouScreen.com is a revolutionary system which offers almost all the benefits of outsourcing at a tiny fraction of the cost and has numerous advantages that make us the No.1 referencing choice for HR personnel.

Switching to IScreenYouScreen.com achieves:

  • Up to 70% reduction in time spent on referencing compared to 'manual' systems
  • Up to 90% reduction in cost compared to outsourcing
  • Foolproof workflow system which ensures regulatory compliance (where relevant)

IScreenYouScreen.com is a referencing system that is technologically superior to databases utilised by almost all pre-employment screening companies. It also provides a unique workflow system giving 'on the job' training to HR employees thus allowing them to spend more time on 'core' HR functions.